Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde

It's common knowledge that El Pasoans are the world's authority on Mexican Food. Since 1948, those same El Pasoans have known that "El Rey", or "The King" of salsa is the Riviera, or the Riv as locals call it. So chip up and experience Mexican Nirvana.

Featured Recipes

Riviera Huevos Rancheros

Corn or flour tortillas




grated white cheddar cheese


Fried or scrambled eggs


Heat Salsa over low heat. Soften tortillas in microwave, hot oil or in heated sauce. Fry or scramble eggs. Put soften tortilla(s) on plate and small amount of salsa on tortilla(s) to cover. Place eggs on top of tortillas smother with more salsa and sprinkle cheese on top. Serve with hash browns or refried beans. Mmm! RIVIERA RED ENCHILADA SAUCE may be substituted for RIVIERA SALSA VERDE.