In 1948, five miles north of El Paso, on the old highway to Las Cruces, New Mexico (historians know this as the Camino Real), we began cooking authentic Mexican food for friends, family and wayward travelers. Tucked into the rural confines of the Mesilla and Rio Grande Valleys where the borders of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico meet, our reputation for serving the finest in Mexican cuisine quickly spread.

Today, almost 65 years and a few generations later, our reputation for serving the finest in authentic Mexican cuisine still exists. We remain in our original building striving to maintain and improve upon our reputation in the Mexican Food Capital of the World. In an age of prefabricated chain restaurants looking to replicate the look and feel of an iconic local haunt, one step into the "Riv" tells you that the atmosphere and food remain as authentic and local as ever. But it is not only our atmosphere and food alone that make us unique, many of our employees have worked here for decades and help us maintain our "feel at home" atmosphere. We know our customers by name and they know us by name. We consider them family which is why our clients and patrons often tell us they "live at the Riv". We are a neighborhood tradition, shared now by generations of loyal customers making us a true El Paso and Southwest Icon.

We mention this because we believe that our time tested tradition of excellence is unique. So unique in fact that a few years ago, after years of requests, we decided to bottle our original and unique sauces to share with people who cannot "Live at the Riv". Our bottled sauces, like our food, is prepared with the highest quality ingredients we can find. Unlike other sauces in the market, we stay true to our traditions, using the ingredients, taste and "heat" that is a staple in this part of the country.