About Us

Our country is blessed to have local hangouts in nearly every city. You know the place… everyone knows your name and what you order… and menus are a formality long gone.

In El Paso, Texas, where cultures from Mexico, Texas and New Mexico merge, our local spots are as unique as anywhere else in the world. If you travel along the old Camino Real trail, or the road from Mexico City to Santa Fe, you'll pass right by the Riviera Restaurant. Since 1948, the food has been hot, both in temperature and in spice.

For years, as our friends and family have come back and come through, they stop by the Riv for their fill. Over and over again, we were asked if they could take salsa to go. Some folks even brought us jars to put it in.

Well, it didn't take long for word to spread that we'd do something like that and the demand has been insane.

So today, we're proud to sell our salsa, as well as our other signature enchilada sauces and marinades. We're also always happy to see you in the restaurant or cantina, but in case you're not in the neighborhood, we've got you covered.